What are you doing here?

A message from Ecchibitionist, the "person who bullied the EmuSAK maintainer":

You're most likely coming from a place called Sin's Cove. If that's the case, I'd politely ask you to fuck off.

You might be wondering why, so let me tell you the abridged version of some heavy drama (and subsequent harassment) that happened during the last days of EmuSAK (which was forked and heavily improved under the name RyuSAK). During the last days, I, Ecchibitionist, offered the original maintainer to take care of all hosting needs (out of my own pocket), so that the project can survive. However, I was met with an insane amount of hatred towards me, as the original maintainer jumped ship after I started asking questions about the backend. He claimed that the backend was very hard to host and causes massive amounts of traffic. Both statements turned out to be blatant lies. The backend was fully reimplemented within less than an hour, doesn't sound very hard to me. As for the traffic: Less than 0.1% of all traffic to my infrastructure is caused by RyuSAK (which is our fork of EmuSAK), which, in absolute numbers, would equate to about 100 GB a month. I certainly wouldn't call that a lot.

Now, as soon as the original maintainer jumped ship, the hatred was all directed onto me (and everyone involved in RyuSAK). Certain people (looking at you, Sin), started to purposefully spread lies about me. For example how I bullied the maintainer of EmuSAK and whatnot. However, it's funny that you still use my services, even though you openly harass me (and the RyuSAK maintainer).

Slander / Defamation isn't nice, but if you want to go down that route: I honestly couldn't care less. However, I'd like to politely ask you to fuck off.